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Black Forest Fire survivor makes a YouTube video.

Black Forest Resident Makes YouTube Video

BLACK FOREST, Colo. - It's been a year of recovery and growth for those in Black Forest. While the physical changes of charred trees and newly constructed homes are visible it's also been an emotional year of rebuilding.

As flames billowed toward Ron Stoops' home in June 2013, he stayed to defend it.

"Just a lot, a lifetime of beautiful times, and memories and fun, love and healing," said Stoops.

To most people Stoops' acreage -- including his cabins, pond, tree house and abundance of trees wouldn't mean much. However, to him it was 36 years of memories. Stoops moved there June 11, 1978.

The title of the Youtube video he put together is called, "Still Standing". It takes a look at the history behind his property as well as focusing on how others fared as the flames ravaged their homes. Stoops knows he is one of the lucky ones - his property was not touched.

"I didn't want to make the video to celebrate our win, rather just wanted to share a joyous story and the one everybody imagined," said Stoops.

Overall, Stoops said putting together the video was incredibly therapeutic.

To watch Stoops' Video http://http://youtu.be/gWWTzdN4Kek

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