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Black Forest fire teaches community about mitigation on National Wildfire Preparedness Day

Learning about fire mitigation the hard way.


A fire broke out in a garage in Black Forest Saturday, about a block away from National Wildfire Preparedness Day activities.

"We heard popping like they were setting off fireworks," Zach Greier said. "So we looked out the window and our garage was on fire."

The fire destroyed the garage along with a car, a motorcycle and a four-wheeler. The homeowner said he was prepared, and that helped the situation.

"We're real good about raking all the pine needles and trying to make sure there's no dead trees around the structures," Mark Greier said. "And the fire department said that was a great thing because that way they were able to stop it from spreading in the forest, which is important for everyone."

Only a few miles away, volunteers worked on doing similar work in the forest. They took down trees to thin the land, cut down branches, and took out some of the biggest fire fuels.

"For a conservation thinning, what you leave on the land, is as important as what you take for fuel reduction. So it's not all sterile," Project Coordinator Judy Von Ahlefeldt.

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