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Black Forest flood watch

Sunday rain storms

Black Forest flood watch

Black Forest, Colo. - Black Forest homeowners dodged a bullet Sunday with no flooding as of 7:30 p.m. While some people are still sifting through fire debris, others are back home after smoke damaged their houses.

"God saved our house. God is the one who deserves all the credit for this because we pulled in and our house is basically untouched," said homeowner Heidi Wardell with tears.

Wardell and her husband moved back into their home two weeks ago. Smoke seeped inside while the fire outside melted their septic system.

"It's by Regional Building. It says, 'No obvious damage. Okay to enter. So my husband and I framed it to always remember our house was saved and we'll forever be thankful," said Wardell pointing to the paper that was once hanging on her front door after the fire.

It's a reminder that her home could've been just a memory.

"Although it's been very overwhelming, it's also been very wonderful in the sense we've never felt so loved and cared for," said Wardell.

Luckily, the rain hasn't put a damper on her move back.

"We had rain I think when Shoup was closed and then we were worried about possible flooding, but my husband works from home some days of the week. So he was able to be home and just make sure everything was okay," she said.

But just down the hill, Heidi's neighbors weren't so lucky. They'll have to start over. Something that's very difficult for Heidi to deal with.

"It's kind of survivor's guilt. Like you almost wish it was you instead of another person," said Wardell.

Still, she has hope for the future.

"There still is some good, somehow that will come out of this," she said.

Heidi says the stress isn't worth the worry when it comes to flooding. She told KRDO if anything happens, she and her husband will just take care of it.

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