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Black Forest Flooding Fears Again After Fire

Black Forest Flooding Fears Again After Fire

Black Forest Flood Fears Again After Fire

Black Forest, Colo. - As rain poured down across The Springs Friday night, the Black Forest burn scar faced another flood scare.

We went to Black Forest where one woman prays mother nature won't become her worst enemy. 

Sunday night's storm forced rushing rain down the black forest burn behind her house - leaving a mucky mess in front and back.

"What you see is just a big pile of pine cones and pine needles and ash that came down from the hill," said Black Forest homeowner Betty Kyle.

Her house stayed dry. The garage wasn't so lucky.

"When that water was coming down with the black mud, it just kind of left it all in through there," said Kyle pointing  to a pile of debris in her backyard.

The flood deposited all of the debris, but next door there's practically nothing. With more rain, that could change.

"I just hope it won't be bad as the last time," said Kyle.

In the meantime, she and her daughter-in-law have been trying to fix the driveway all week.

Despite her bit of back luck, the same can't be said for her backside neighbors.

"I feel really guilty because here I stand and their houses are down to ashes."

From all of this tragedy and future fears of more heartbreak, Betty has one simple thought.

"I hope it comes to an end real soon and that we can get back to some kind of a normal life again," she said.

Betty's insurance will not cover her flood damaged yard and driveway.

She's offered her phone number if you'd like to help. 719-495-4629. Hopefully she won't have any more flood damage from Friday's rain.

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