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Black Forest prepares for Sunday flood watch

Neighbors put free sandbags to use

Black Forest Prepares For Sunday Flood Watch

BLACK FOREST, Colo. - Heavy rain missed the Black Forest burn scar Saturday but has a better chance of striking the area and causing flash flooding Sunday.

Jean Harano and his family were out late Saturday evening placing sandbags in a stream bed on their property.  He said flash flooding since the fire has worsened erosion along the stream bed.

"I want to put a couple of breaks in here (with sandbags) so I can slow the water down and see if we can keep it from going down on to Shoup Road," Harano said.

Harano lives on Tahosa Lane near the Shoup intersection, an area that regularly floods and has to be closed during heavy rain.  He hopes the sandbags in his creek bed also will reduce the flood risk at the intersection.

Earlier Saturday, Crosses For Losses sponsored a sandbag giveaway at the Black Forest Chapel.  A few sandbags remained in the parking lot late Saturday evening.  However, the organizations plans to schedule more giveaways in the future.

Meanwhile, for Waldo Canyon residents who need sandbags, a giveaway will be next Saturday at the Verizon Center at 30th Street and Garden of the Gods Road.

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