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Black Forest resident describes journey from ashes

Black Forest resident describes journey from ashes

BLACK FOREST, Colo. - One year after the Black Forest Fire, a homeowner shares her journey from the ashes.

We first met Theresa Strader the day of the fire. As her home went up in flames, the founder of the National Mill Dog Rescue focused on making sure the dogs were safe.

"I remember that like it was yesterday," she said. "And yet, I feel like I haven't been home in forever."

During the last year, Strader has been living in a rental home in Colorado Springs with family - including her four-legged kids. Although she said she's thankful for the place, she can't wait to return to Black Forest.

"We're anxious to be home, we're anxious to be back," she said.

When Strader first saw what was left of her home, she didn't want to return.

"(It was) unrecognizable as home," she said. "I called Rich and I said, I can't live here. This is not home."

But then, she was reminded that in that property rests Lily, the dog that inspired the National Mill Dog Rescue. Now, she can't wait to be back.

"I think the day when we have our stuff packed and we're actually going into that forest to go home, that's going to be a happy day," she said. "Because that's home. That is home for us."

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