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Black Forest residents get a hand up from their community

Helping others, Crosses for Losses

Warming station warms hearts in Black Forest

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo - The feeling of community is alive and well in Black Forest.  A warming station is up and running at Crosses for Losses.  Kent Osborne is a Black Forest resident who is living out of a camper as his house and barn are being rebuilt after last Summer's deadly fire.  He put it in perspective what Crosses for Losses means to his community, "I can come up here and get a couple of cans of chile and a loaf of bread.  When you don't have a lot of space in your camper you have to limit what you keep on hand.  Crosses for Losses has been really great.  They're great to have around."

Crosses for Losses was started for Black Forest residents after the fire and it continues to expand to help the community.  Amanda Davis has been the fuel to make this organization grow and expand, "It will remain because of the ongoing need.  The community has changed because of the fire.  It's sad, but at the same time it's made us a whole lot stronger and pulled us together. Everyone helps one another and checks on one another.  There is a lot of love and kindness now.  Before the fire we were kind of private and in our own worlds."

Crosses for Losses has now expanded their food pantry and clothing distribution store which is free to Black Forest residents.  The food pantry helps two thousand Black Forest residents.  I've put a link to Crosses for Losses on our Big Stories section under hot button.  Click on it to see how you can be helped if you are a Black Forest resident or if you'd like to help donate to this non-profit help organization.

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