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Black Forest well water fears

Health Dept says if you're worried, get the test done!

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - The El Paso County Department of Public Health is asking Black Forest homeowners who are allowed to return to their homes to check their water wells.  Mike McCarthy with the Health Department says if there is some damage to them you should go to the Health Department to get the test kit.  McCarthy says, "We're trying to make sure whatever went into that well is not something that will show up in any other wells in the Black Forest."

The test kit and the actual test usually costs 20 dollars.  It's free to Black Forest homeowners whose wells were damaged by the fire.  Health experts say the areas where there was no damage probably means you don't need the test.

The test will determine if there are any biological health risks in the water that could range from soot to fire retardant.  The experts believe it could create digestive problems. 

We've put a link to the El Paso County Department Of Public Health on our home page under links we mentioned if you have any further questions.

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