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Blind drivers get behind the wheel

Ready, set, slide

Blind drivers take on the obstacle course

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - A moment in the sun on Thursday that 13 students from the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind will never forget.  MasterDrive instructors put them behind the wheel on a special obstacle course.  It's a moment these teens will cherish because they'll never be able to do this on their own. 

Philo Grommon is one of the students who got this opportunity to shine on the course, "Before this happened I was very big into cars and trucks.  Being blind is kind of a damper. A lot of my friends are getting their license.  I don't get to have that enjoyment so this is really nice."  Philo lost his sight after being jumped and severely beaten at school.  He may have lost his sight, but not his hope.

Justin Sutton is a MasterDrive Instructor who was Philo's co-pilot and navigator.  He told me, "Philo's been awesome.  It's been a pleasure teaching blind students.  The amazing thing is we do a skid recovery.  These students are almost better than able bodied students."

MasterDrive instructors are psyched to do this driving course again for other blind students next year.  These students who had big smiles on their faces during the drive emphatically agree and as Philo put it, "Today is a good day."

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