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Boil order lifted for most, but not all of Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs still under boil advisory

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A boil order that was issued for Manitou Springs on Thursday (9/19/13) has been lifted for most of the city.

The order remains in place for the  Lower Section of Crystal Hills Boulevard and the Vias Subdivisions.

Things were starting to look up for Manitou Springs.

"The weather changed. It started looking great," said resident Ron Lancaster.

That is until a water main broke.

"The water was just off. We began to worry because we have tenants," said Judy Lancaster.

Judy and her husband checked the water meter.

"It wasn't moving at all," she said.

Once they figured out why, they also learned they were under a boil advisory.

"We took some jugs of frozen water that we keep in the freezer," said Judy.

"I just worry about that. The health thing," said residen Maria Navaratne.

Navaratne was in the same situation. So she sent a text to her daughter at school: "don't drink your water bottle."

So Maria and her family had to buy a bunch of bottles of water instead of using her favorite tap water."    

"It was difficult because we're not a bottled water sort of family," said Navaratne.

Restaurants, already hurting from the floods, did what they could to stay open. Stagecoach Restaurant bought water bottles and liters of soda.

"Things are taking longer and everything is kind of a pain right now," said manager Jessica Wentling.

Without drinks like coffee or iced tea is tricky trying to make everyone understand what's going on, she said.

Still, both businesses and residents agree not enough water is better than too much.

"I would rather have to boil water because of a water main break than have to deal with running up a hill again," said Wentling.

"Thinking about that and this was small," said Judy Lancaster.

Maria found another upside.

 "A fantastic excuse, isn't it? To not cook," she said with a laugh.

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