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Bones found near grave

Man finds bones near old gravesite

Pueblo, CO - There was a disturbing surprise for one Pueblo man when he went to visit a family member's gravesite. He found what appeared to be human remains. They  were found at Roselawn Cemetery in Pueblo.

Pugh was paying a visit to his mother's grave at Roselawn Cemetery  when he stumbled across some bones.

"My friend looked down and said, 'Oh, that looks like human remains.' We looked down ... it looked like a spine," said Pugh.

Several bones were found scattered around a hole dug several feet deep. The bones were found in the historical part of the cemetery, where the graves are around 100 years old.

"It really disturbed me because it made me think, 'Is my mother going to be disrespected in the same way,'" Said Pugh.

 Pugh called the Pueblo County coroner. The coroner said an anthropologist will be taking a look at pictures of the bones to determine whether or not they were human bones. The bones were reburied when Roselawn was made aware of them.

 "I'm not positive that they are human remains, it doesn't matter what they are ... they shouldn't be in Roselawn," said Pugh.

 Pugh also called Roselawn.

 "They said they were aware of the problem and there was a den of foxes back there," said Pugh.

 KRDO NewsChannel 13 also called Roselawn Cemetery. The executive director did not want to go on camera. However, he did tell us they are a wildlife habitat reserve and animals like birds and foxes are allowed there.  He also adds, the bones could be animal bones.

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