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Boo on a budget

Boo on a budget

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Zeezo's in downtown Colorado Springs is as busy as a florist on Valentine's Day.

"The last week or so we have those people that need an idea or they get invited to a party," said Karl Brevik, manager at the well known costume store.

So what is flying out the door this year for Halloween?

"Dumb and Dumber, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a lot of the 90's kids stuff is making a big resurgence," Brevik said.

Also, he says you can never go wrong with pop culture.

"What does the fox say; we are out of fox tails and fox ears and have been for awhile.  Also a lot of Beetlejuice costumes because it looks like Robin Thicke from the Miley Cirus, MTV show," Brevik said.

Even if you can only say "Boo!" on a budget, there are as many options as you can imagine.

"Whenever you go for a low cost costume, it's about knowing what you have and then finding a way to accessorize it," Brevik said.

An example he showed was liquid latex to go along with a torn up old shirt and pants and you can be a zombie.

"Really it's about finding that emotional connection with whoever you're trying to hang out with.  Anyone who can look at you and say I know who you are!" Brevik said.

Watch the story above with some $10-and-under costume ideas we came up with.

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