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Boston family travels to Colorado for lifesaving dog

Boston family travels to Colorado for lifesaving dog

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A Boston family traveled thousands of miles to Colorado for a lifesaving dog.

Gabriel Campbell, 3, is severely allergic to dairy and peanuts.  Even the faintest trace of the allergens could be life-threatening. Throughout his life, Gabriel has been hospitalized seven times for anaphylaxis.  

"We don't typically go to restaurants right now," said Gabriel's mother, Erin Brazil.  "We don't go to playgrounds. Really, they're just too dangerous for Gabriel."

That's where Sheba, a 1-year-old labradoodle, comes in.  Sheba is a trained allergy alert dog.  The organization Angel Service Dogs, based in Monument, matched Sheba to Gabriel and the family traveled to Colorado to meet her.

"An inkling of a scent, she went right to the scent and alerted us that there was a potential danger that was there," said Gabriel's father, Paul Campbell. "Literally went straight to the scent and alerted us that the scent was there all in a matter of seconds."

This week Gabriel will go through training exercises with his new service dog.  Gabriel learned K-9 CPR and visited the Cave of the Winds -- something that would have been impossible a week ago.

"It's been a wild ride," Brazil said.  "We're in a much safer place now and Sheba is really one of those last pieces of the puzzle to help keep Gabriel safe."

To learn more about the family's journey and fundraising efforts, click here.

To learn more about Angel Service Dogs, click here.

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