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Broncos fans banned from games after stabbing incident

Fans already bought playoff tickets

Broncos fans banned after stabbing incident

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. - Three Pueblo men stabbed during a fight outside of Sports Authority Field after a Broncos game last month have been banned from the playoffs even though they already paid big bucks for tickets.

The three never imagined the fallout they'd face. They consider themselves victims. The Denver Broncos sent them a letter two days before the playoffs telling them they are banned from going to games for a year.

Mathew DeHerrera was one of the people stabbed after the game in Mile High's parking lot on December 12. 

"I never thought that victims would be banned from the stadium to do the thing that they love to do, which is support the Broncos," said DeHerrera.

29-year-old DeHerrera, his brother Josh DeHerrera, 36 and their 23-year-old friend Jordan Trujillo will be sitting far away from the action when the Broncos play Sunday. 

"I bleed orange and blue," said DeHerrera.

The stadium banned the three from going to the games for a year, but they already bought more than $1,000 in playoff tickets.

"If you're going to do that, I mean this happened a month ago, tell us two or three weeks ago before tickets go on sale and before we buy tickets," said DeHerrera.

It's all because of the incident on December 12 when he says another person was speeding through the parking lot.

"He almost hit my car," said DeHerrera.

It was Mathew's 100th Broncos game. 

"As I'm getting out, he's challenging a group of 30-40 people to a fight," he said.

Mat, his brother and friend were stabbed. DeHerrera said he's never been involved in anything like that.

The District Attorney's Office never charged the suspect saying there wasn't enough proof.

"I think it's bull because it could've been handled a lot differently through the stadium from banning us and through the Denver Police Department and the DA's and the investigators," said DeHerrera.

One night, conflicting stories and now the three die-hard fans have to watch their beloved Broncos at home. 

The Denver Broncos sent KRDO Newschannel 13 a statement:

"Stadium Management Company's No. 1 priority is ensuring a safe, comfortable environment for its guests. Its policies dictate that any individual involved in a violent incident on-site may be subject to a ban from Sports Authority Field at Mile High of a varying length. In this particular instance, we consulted with the Denver Police Department and reviewed its report before determining the appropriate discipline."

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