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Bullet fired into home while family was sitting in living room

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Imagine a bullet coming within inches of you and your family while sitting in the living room.

That's what happened in Colorado Springs Saturday night (4/6/14) around 10 p.m. on the 1100 block of Holmes Drive near Circle and Galley.

The Walther family has lived on Holmes Drive for 30 years. A safe neighborhood so they thought until Saturday night.

"It was terrifying," said daughter Jennifer Walther.

A bullet went through their home while they were sitting in the living room, but they didn't know that's what happened at first.

"Me and my mom were sitting here just talking normal and we hear a loud pop," said Walther referring to the end of the couch and recliner near the front door.

Jennifer Walther's mom got up and saw a hole in the wall. Once they went outside on the porch and saw the other end of the hole, Walther said they knew it was a bullet.

The bullet not only went through the wall, but through the armrest of the couch. Then, it hit her mom's laptop that was sitting on her lap.

"A few inches either way, somebody would've got hit," said her father Ken Walther.

He was napping on the couch across the room. Jennifer's nine-old daughter Emilly was sleeping in the back bedroom.

"Checked on her, she was sleeping, didn't hear anything," said Jennifer.

They searched for the bullet, but couldn't find it.

"The cops were on their hands and knees, flash lights looking underneath the console. We looked everywhere," said Ken.

Walther says police were outside looking for bullet casings in the street, but didn't find anything. He believes someone shot his house from a car.

"I think it was a random thing. I really do," said Ken.

"I never expected to have bullets flying through the house," said Jennifer.

The Walthers hope it will never happen again.

Police had a report of shots fired about a half mile south of the Walther's home before they called police.

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