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Burglars try to steal gun from police car

Burglars try to steal gun from police car

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Police are looking into leads from surveillance video after burglars broke into squad cars early Tuesday morning.

Police said burglars broke into at least two cars parked in the parking lot and in the parking garage.

"It's a bold move," said Capt. Tom Rummel with the Pueblo Police Department. He said he has seen cars vandalized before but not burglarized.

An officer was filling up his gas tank at the end of his shift when he heard a bang and saw blue flashing flights. The burglars broke the squad car's back window and accidentlly triggered the lights. The burglars tried to get the shotgun from the car's locked safe.

"They couldn't get the gun out. Those gun locks are next to impossible to defeat so they gave up and left," said Rummel.

Pueblo police would not release video from the surveillance cameras or disclose the cameras' locations. However, Rummel said police have possible leads from that video.

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