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Business owners prepare for flash floods using lessons learned in previous storm

Manitou businesses share lessons learned from flood

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. - Business owners in Manitou Springs are preparing for possible flash floods, and they're using the lessons they learned from Monday's storm.

A flash flood on Monday damaged homes in Manitou Springs and caked streets and sidewalks with mud and debris. For many in the area, it was a wake-up call for how bad things can get. That was the case at The Cliff House. Its staff took note of what they need to do in the future.

"Just to take to precaution and jump early whether you think it's going to happen or not," Ronald Sardaczuk said.

The staff at The Cliff House put out sandbags Monday, in time to protect the inside of the property, but not in time to protect the parking lot. It was filled with mud. So they're making changes.

"We're going to put the bags up as a precautionary measure, we're parking all our cars up on the upper deck as much as possible, and just keeping an eye on the weather almost on an hourly basis in the afternoons," Sardaczuk said.

It's a similar story at The Poppy Seed. Its owners are ready and prepared with hoses, a weather radio and an evacuation plan.

"Being prepared is something that has to be second nature to you," Laura Hensley said. "You have to already be prepared."

Hensley and Sardaczuk said they have a lot to be thankful for - neither business suffered any damage, they received a lot of community support, and business wasn't negatively affected by the flood.

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