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Businesses affected by Royal Gorge delays

Businesses affected by Royal Gorge delays

CANON CITY, Colo. - Royal Gorge Park brings in more than $10 million to Canon City every year, but when the wildlife hit the famous park, businesses felt the impact.

Andy Neias' rafting company is one of the businesses that is affected.

"I think anybody who would tell you different isn't too in touch with their business," Neias said.

Visitors encounter closed signs when they reach Royal Gorge, not only does those signs hurt businesses around the park, but also in Canon City. 

Jonas Hutchinson is a computer store owner. He lost customers because of the fire, and even though business is picking up, he feels when the park opens again, he will be busy.

"We are more likely to get our revenue back," Hutchinson said.

Canon City Council met Wednesday night to review a proposal to reconstruct Royal Gorge Park.

They hope to open by May or June, but until then city City Council is asking for people to be patient.

"We're positive and we feel we can get through this pretty quickly and that we will be going full steam ahead," Council Member Kevin Ditmore said.

Neias feels when the park opens it will be like a phoenix rising from the ashes, which  is optimism shared every time a person drives to the park.

City Council will come to a decision on the updated proposal Nov. 4.

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