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Businessman calls for boycott of Aspen Art Museum

ASPEN, Colo. - A New York businessman and Turtle Conservancy board member is calling for a boycott of the Aspen Art Museum until a controversial exhibit featuring tortoises carrying iPads on their backs is removed.
Andy Sabin, acting independently of the conservancy, tells The Aspen Times (http://bit.ly/XkpKKP ) Cai Guo-Qiang's art installation "Moving Ghost Town" - which features tortoises displaying footage of ghost towns on their iPads - is exploitation. Sabin, of East Hampton, New York, owns Sabin Metal Corp., a large private refinery of silver, gold and platinum.
Tax records show he donated $66,000 to the conservancy in 2011, but he says he most recently provided $250,000 to the organization.
The museum has stood behind the exhibit, noting the tortoises were rescued from a breeder and are being watched over by a veterinarian.

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