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Calhan student: Bus driver hit me

A 9-year-old Calhan boy is accusing a school bus driver of hitting him on the back of the head.

The alleged incident happened Wednesday when Donovan Hinton, 9, and his brother Joey, 13, got dropped off at school, his family said.

"She dismisses all the kids by grade and she said  'First, second, third can get off the bus now,'" said Opal Hinton, the boy's mother.

"My youngest son, Donovan, then said 'First, second, third, military terd' and the bus driver smacked him on the back of the head," said Hinton.

Joey was also on the bus about five seats back, according to Hinton. He told his mom he saw the driver hit his brother.

Hinton met with school leaders and the bus driver the next day. She said the driver admitted to touching her son.

"She (the bus driver) placed her hand on Donovan's head and said 'We don't talk like that.' Then she said she tapped him. Two different times she changed it," said Hinton.

When Hinton asked about a video recording on the bus, she was told there was a glitch and therefore no video.

Hinton said her boys were also never asked their side of the story and neither were other students on the bus.

Superintendent Linda Miller told KRDO there was a glitch in the tape and that there was no video.

Miller also said the bus driver never touched the student, but couldn't comment any further on the driver citing personnel matters.

When asked about questioning Donovan and Joey, Miller said she didn't get a chance because Hinton took them out of school . Hinton said her sons were in school that morning during the meeting.

Hinton pulled her boys from the school and is now going to home-school them. She has also filed a police report and is pressing charges against the bus driver.

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