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California wildfires stir memories for local firefighters

CA wildfires stir memories for Colorado firefighters

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The images of the fires near San Diego are hitting close to home for firefighters in southern Colorado.

Colorado Springs didn't send any firefighters to California this time, but the series of wildfires that burned more than 25,000 acres in San Diego County take their minds back to fighting the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest fires.

"The biggest reminder is just seeing the wildland and urban-interface meeting and seeing the destruction the fires can cause," said Colorado Springs Fire Chief Chris Riley.

Riley said this coming season isn't expected to break records like the last two summers, but that doesn't mean homeowners and firefighters can rest easy.

"The prediction is for the season to be normal, but normal by no means, means an easy or safe situation," Riley said.

Pueblo firefighter Don Durning said he's optimistic about the upcoming fire reason.

"I think we're doing pretty good as far as moisture is concerned. And I think as long as the rains keep up, this fire season won't be too bad," Durning said.

Chief Riley said it's up to all of us to stay alert.

"If you see anything out there, anything unusual to please call 911. It is so important for us to get on top of fires as early as possible," he said.

Firefighters say mitigation is key when it comes to creating defensible space around your property.

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