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Canada goose attacked

Gruesome find at Memorial Park

Canada goose attacked

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - Someone shot a Canada Goose with a mini-crossbow arrow.  The bird was found and rescued in Memorial Park on Tuesday.  Wildlife expert Scott Coddington is the one who took it in to be looked at by an animal expert.   Scott told me, "The back end of the arrow was sticking out.  It was hit in the right wing and it was buried deep.  All you could see was the very end of it."

Coddington got an email about the hurt bird and knew he had to save it, "It's really a shame that people go out and do this."  Scott took the hurt creature to Dr. Deborah Germeroth who pulled the arrow out of the wing.   The bird is now recovering and hopefully will be able to fly again. 

I asked Scott Coddington why it's important for him to take the time to help injured birds and animals and has for more than a decade.  He told me, "It's in my heart seeing these injured animals and seeing the animals suffer like this.  It's really sad for me."

I did some checking and found out that the person who did this could be charged with animal abuse and because this is a Canada Goose, you could also face state and federal charges for this attack.  I've put a link to Operation Game Thief if you have any information about this bird attack.  Just go back to Big Stories on our home page and click on Hot Button. 

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