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Cancer Study in Southern Colorado

Be part of the cure for cancer

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - Starting Tuesday and running through Friday you can be part of a Cancer Prevention Study.  There are several locations to take a survey, allow a small blood sample to be drawn and help save a life.  Men and women ages 30-65 years old with no previous Cancer diagnosis except for skin cancer can participate. 

This kind of study is intended to get as many results as possible to help Cancer experts understand how lifestyle, genetics and the environment affect Cancer. 

Donna Winzenried is a Cancer survivor.  She is currently in remission.  Donna told me how important it is for everyone who can,  to take part in this study.  She told me, "The treatment I had was from a study a couple of years ago.  If I didn't have that treatment, I might not be here."

Click here for more information about the study and locations closest to you.

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