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Candlelight vigil to remember little boy

Candlelight vigil to remember Isahaq

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The name "Isahaq" means laughter.  No laughter was found near the intersection of Bijou and Murray to remember five-year-old Isahaq, and his life that was cut short.

"There should never be tragedies like this.  Isahaq should not be dead," said Heidi Hameed.

About two dozen friends and strangers gathered around a growing shrine at the scene of the accident.

Heather Bradley said the loss has been tough on her own young son who knew Isahaq.

"My son was just asking me last night after watching the news, Mommy, why are you crying?" Bradley said.  "I told him, well, you know that little boy who lived upstairs and we just watched fireworks with?  He said yeah...I told him he and his daddy got in an accident."

Isahaq's father, Rafael, who was also hit as he walked with his son, remains hospitalized.  Heidi says he has another surgery scheduled for Friday.

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