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Cannabis users react to the Pope's stance against drug use

Cannabis users react to the Pope's stance on drug use

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - In the last year Pope Francis has made exceptions on traditional Catholic issues, like morality. However, his latest statement made at the International Drug Enforcement Conference in Rome isn't sitting well with some in the cannabis community. Pope Francis said "no" to recreational drug use.

"He is the dope pope, but I was really taken aback by what he had to say today," said Susan Peiffer, a Catholic cannabis user.

The Pope's stance on the growing worldwide trend toward legalizing recreational drug use is simple he said it's a very, very bad idea. Yet, not everyone agreed with his stance.

"I think adult drug use is an issue of health, not an issue of faith," said Peiffer.

"Indeed the Bible says that God gave us all seed bearing plants," said K C Stark, CEO of the Marijuana Business Academy and Studio A64.

Peiffer uses medicinal marijuana and said she doesn't see any harm in recreational use. 

"Prohibition has never worked and the church should clue into that sometime soon," said Peiffer.

Mutual feelings were expressed by Stark, "Just say no is almost like being insane. It's trying to repeat the past what has been tried in the past and doesn't work".

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