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Canon City divided on possible recreational pot shops in downtown

People divided over possible marijuana shops in Canon City

CANON CITY, Colo. - The potential sale of recreational marijuana has split Canon City in half.

"For Rent" signs are scattered throughout the city's downtown area, but Gloria Stultz wants to see that changed.

"Any impact that the tax money could have on our economy would be good, I think people will notice the difference," she said.

The city's planning commissioners want recreational pot to be sold on Main Street, because they believe it will bring in more visitors.

Stultz thinks her restaurant will draw in people who smoke pot.

"If you get the munchies after smoking marijuana, then come down," she said.

Even though planning commissioners and business owners in downtown want the empty buildings turned into marijuana shops. There are people who think that pot isn't the answer to bring in more visitors.

"Colorado is already getting the reputation of pot central and I think we need to keep it out of downtown," business owner Nancy Fenyves said.

Pueblo County made more than $56,000 in marijuana tax revenue.

Fenyves said the money would benefit Canon City, but she feels you can't put a price on the city's reputation.

"I think they need to look at the long term ramifications of what this is going to do to Canon. Are families going to want to vacation here, are they going to want to walk up and down Main Street and stop in our shops if every other shop has a pot shop in it? I wouldn't," she said.

Canon City Council will discuss whether recreational marijuana is allowed to be sold on Main Street next month.

The city has placed a moratorium on the sale of recreational marijuana until April 1.

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