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Canon City Police focus on younger criminals

Canon City Police Focusing On Younger Criminals

CANON CITY, Colo. - Canon City police said half of all crimes are committed by kids.  So officers are putting a new focus on younger criminals.

The hope is to change these bad decisions early and cut down on crime.

One police officer is heading up the new juvenile crime unit.  It is expected to start as soon as February.

"Very few criminals wake up one day decide to commit crimes, almost always it's a growing process where they start their criminals careers if you will as juveniles," said Police Chief Paul Schultz.

"This detective is also going to be working with families behind the scene and acting as a resource, a role model get kids back on the right track," said Schultz.

"Eventually I think it is the game plan to prevent crime as opposed to just punishing those who commit the crimes," said Thom LeDoux, DA 11th Judicial District.

The officer will also be helping runaways and children who are victims of crimes.

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