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Cañon City voters to decide on pot, business owners split on issue

CAÑON CITY, Colo. - Voters in Cañon City will decide this November whether to allow retail marijuana shops to open in town.

City Council voted Monday to put the question on the Nov. 4 ballot. Voters will also decide, if retail marijuana is approved, whether to have an excise tax of 5 percent on the drug and related products.

Business owners are split on the decision.

Yvonne Mick, owner of Big Blossom Antiques said she is against allowing retail marijuana shops to open in town.

"Right now, it may look like they're making a lot of money with it, but in the long run, in the long haul, down the years, it's going to come up where it's not going to be very good," she said.

Darcie Wige, owner of The Dungeon Inc Body Art Studio said she has mixed feelings. She said she doesn't want retail marijuana to add a label to Cañon City, but she says the city could use the money.

"I know that the taxes would help, the revenue would probably help as well, brining in people, maybe they would see things that we have to do, besides just coming into our town for the cannabis."

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