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Car clubs rev up support for Giron

PUEBLO, Colo. - Pueblo's eastside car clubs put the pedal to the metal to rally support for state sen. Angela Giron Saturday.

Voters in Senate District 3 continued to cast their ballots Saturday in the recall race of State Senator Angela Giron.

Eastside Lowride Car Club revved up against the recall. The club joined Play Time's Over Car Club and New Life Ministries Car Club in a unique effort to drive home support for the state senator.

Rudy Reddog with Eastside Lowride Car Club organized the event. The three car clubs offered free rides to Senate District 3 polling places for voters.

Reddog was disappointed to hear his fellow eastsiders weren't voting.

"As I started talking to other people about why they weren't there, they felt it was out of the area," said Reddog. "People didn't have a ride, maybe they said nobody cares about the east side. The eastsiders don't vote. We feel its important for our community to have its voice heard."

The three car clubs gathered in the Safeway parking lot near E 8th Street and Monument Ave.  They shined their cars as they waited for voters to arrive.

"We don't have all the money that's around the country, we don't have that. But we have cars and people like our cars so if it gets them into a voting poll, then we want them to the roll with us," said Reddog.

State Sen. Angela Giron greeted the low riders and voters in the parking lot.

"It means everything to me personally because I have the support of low riders and people in the community and grassroots efforts," said Giron.

She said some Senate District 3 residents want to vote, but can't.

"That is in fact so important, transportation to the voting centers, so being able to ride in a pretty fancy car is really great but ultimately it's about getting someone who would otherwise not be able to vote," said Giron.

"I'm looking at the convertible over there and enjoy the sun," said voter Steve Rodriguez gesturing to a red convertible parked in the corner.

Rodriguez used to be a member of the Republican party. He is now an Independent and chooses his candidate based on their views, instead of their political party. 

"I don't agree with everything," said Rodriguez referring to some of Giron's views. "But we aren't going to agree 100 percent with every politician."

Rodriguez is voting against the recall because he is frustrated by its high cost to taxpayers.

"Honestly, I think the recall is a waste of money. She is up for re-election next year," said Rodriguez.

The man hoping to replace Giron was also hot on the campaign trail Saturday. George Rivera is the Republican candidate on the ballot to replace Giron, if the recall election is successful.

Rivera camped out in Pueblo's City Park to rally support from voters as they headed into a nearby polling place.

He said voters have shown a lot of support for the recall.  He said he feels comfortable going into the final days of this race. Still, he stressed Senate District 3 voters need to continue to vote.

"It's an extremely important campaign and it's an extremely important election with national results, or national implications. It's extremely important for people supporting the recalls to get out and cast that ballot," said Rivera.

Rivera's campaign team plans to wave signs near polling places and call voters during the final days of the election.

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