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Car crashes through jewelry store, hits three people

WATCH: Car crashes into Tenn. jewelry store

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A jewelry store in Memphis, Tenn. got an unsuspected visit last week.

At around 8 a.m., a car crashed through Wiemar's Jewelry and hit three people inside.

The owner of the store, David Wiemar posted on his Facebook page the surveillance footage and the updates on the two men and woman who were hit by the vehicle.

He says, "Gary, sitting on right, and Stan, sitting on the left, took the bulk of the hit. Stan, 15 stitches, Gary probably broken ankle and beat up back…Ruth Waite stuck in corner with showcase pinning her."

All involved are expected to make a full recovery.

After seeing a chunk of his store get turned into pieces within seconds, Wiemar keeps a positive outlook on the situation.  

"Many things I am grateful of, Raegan was in day care and not behind the counter where she is normally. The dental group responded quick, really quick. And Firehouse subs fed us. Tiny showed up and put up the front wall, Teresa H. Gerlach showed up on her day off and helped clean up."

There is no word at this time what will happen to the driver and what caused the crash in the first place. What we do know is that with the help from several people, Wiemar expects to have the doors of his store to be back open on Tuesday.

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