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Care and Share reports on Waldo Fire donation totals

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - People donated 1.6 million pounds of food during the weeks of the Waldo Canyon Fire, according to Care and Share's latest numbers. CEO Lynne Telford said during an afternoon meeting that Care and Shar generally gets 400,000 pounds of food a year in donations.

Monetary donations hit $750,000 during the fire. That money came from people in 47 states,  and two from Canada.

All of the donations have helped 14,600 people affected by the fire. Care and Share said this includes people who were permanently displaced, temporarily displaced, people who lost work, first responders, and fire fighters.

There was some food and money remaining, and Telford said the remaining donations will still be used for Waldo Fire Victims because that it what donors wanted.

Remaining food will be given to people who permanently lost their homes in the form of holiday boxes, and the remaining money will be used to develop a grant program so that victims can go grocery shopping.

The grant program is still in development.

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