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Cave of the Winds ghosts?

Cave of the Winds ghosts?

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. - Cave of the Winds is a natural wonder.   Although a team of paranormal investigators believe there are "supernatural" wonders inside.

"Every time we've been here, we've picked up something that left us scratching our head," said Scott Smith, a member of The Night Team Paranormal Project.

Most of the evidence the team believes they've collected consists of "electronic voice phenomenon."

"Basically the dead talking," Smith said.

Deep off the path most tourists visit, is a section named "lovers lane."  It's where the old owner George Picket and his wife Nellie used to sleep.

"It's their space," Smith said.

Investigators with their recording devices rolling prompt whatever presence might be listening.

"What city are we in?" an investigator asks on one of the recordings.

"Manitou…" comes the response.  Or at least what the investigators believe it says.  But is it frightening or just feedback?

"The only pure proof anyone has is when they experience it for themselves," Smith said.

"We've had tour guides over the years who've quit giving lantern tours because they got too scared because they saw too much back there and they felt someone was following them," said Jana Burgess, a supervisor at Cave of the Winds.

Burgess has worked at the attraction for five years.

"I'm a little skeptical since I've never seen anything," Burgess said.

Although she says the EVP audio has opened her eyes.

"There was a laugh that was just eerie and creepy," Burgess said.

But don't worry if you visit.

"They're not going to hurt anybody.  There's nothing evil or malevolent.  They're just the energy of what's left of the past," Smith said.

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