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CDOT Calls Wildlife Fences Successful

CDOT Calls Wildlife Fences Successful

The Colorado Department of Transportation said the project that placed fences along I-25 last year has proved to be a success.  The fences are designed to keep deer and other wildlife off of the interstate.

For 7.5 months prior to the fence placement, CDOT said there were 11 collisions with animals along a 6-mile stretch of I-25 south of Colorado Springs.  This accounted for 41 percent of all accidents.

CDOT said for 7.5 months after the placement of the fence, there have been no accidents involving wildlife.

This project cost $953,000, according to CDOT.

There are other areas in southern Colorado, like the stretch of I-25 near Briargate Parkway, that have been targeted as areas that could use the wildlife fences.  CDOT said they are waiting on additional funding before moving forward with more wildlife fencing projects.

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