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CDOT cleans out flood projects near Highway 24 preparing for future storms

CDOT engineer: Debris flow that covered Highway 24 last Saturday was out of their control

CDOT prepares highway 24 for future storms

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. - When clouds cover the Waldo Canyon burn scar, people around Highway 24 get worried. The Colorado Department of Transportation said the flood projects near the highway are ready for another round of storms.

Last Saturday, a wave of debris hit Highway 24.

Rocks, tree limbs and sediment covered the road.

CDOT said more than 100 dump trucks of debris were taken from the road and the flood projects near the highway.

Steve Mack owns the Lone Duck Campground in Cascade. He said the flood projects worked, but the culverts need to be cleaned out.

"Getting the debris out is more important because when it happens downstream it will clog and the debris will go on to our private properties," Mack said.

Mack's business has a flood project that runs from his business into Fountain Creek.

Lono Ho'ala owns Eagle's Nest Wellness Center. His business is across from one of CDOT's flood projects.

He said he feels safer with a flood project near him, but he is still concerned when it rains on the burn scar.

"From my own personal perspective they need to do more up there," he said.

CDOT Program Engineer Doug Lollar said more work is going to be done on the burn scar. He said crews are scouting out the drainage areas to figure out what areas need a flood project.

As for future floods, Lollar said there are crews in the area who are prepared if rain hits the Waldo Canyon burn scar.

"Anytime we have a storm in that corridor we have three to four active personnel that patrol the area," he said.

More than $10 million have been put into flood projects near Highway 24.

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