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CDOT says drivers need to slow down

C-Dot says drivers need to slow down

Tuesday's storm brought challenges for morning commuters.  While the accumulation of snow was light, 50-60 mph gusts proved problematic.

Blowing snow significantly reduced visibility during the early morning.  The wind also created extra challenges for Colorado Department of Transportation sno plow operators, like Mark Pennington.

"The wind blows over, and then it freezes up a lot quicker," said Pennington.

Pennington started working on clearing the roads at 4:30 Tuesday morning.  He said the added weight of the anti-skid treatment helps the truck handle better in adverse weather conditions.

Rather than road conditions, Pennington said it is the other drivers who present the biggest obstacles when driving the plows.

"I don't mean to slow them up," said Pennington.  He said drivers will follow the plows closely, which is dangerous to the driver and the snowplow.

Pennington said drivers need to understand that the snowplows are just trying to do their job.  He also said it is important for drivers to heed the warnings when conditions deteriorate.

"Just slow down, that's the main thing.  They just need to slow down.  If they would just slow down, life would be good," said Pennington.

CDOT said on a day like Tuesday, there are about 33 plows patrolling El Paso and Teller counties.  He said the snowplows will continue work until the roads are dry.

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