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CDOT says missing concrete doesn't mean bridge isn't safe

CDOT says missing concrete doesn't mean bridges aren't safe

PUEBLO, Colo. - Several chunks of the bridge that carries thousands of cars and trucks on I-25 over Ilex and Bennett Streets in Pueblo lie on the ground below.

"That's terrible," said Charles Ratcliff as he holds onto a chunk bigger than his head.

"Think I'd be scared to be driving across the bridge," said driver Kari Novak.

But the Colorado Department of Transportation says there is nothing to be worried about.

"You might have falling concrete, but that doesn't mean the bridge is ready to fall down, just means we need to do some repair," said Joe DeHeart, and engineer for CDOT.

I-25 over Ilex and Bennett is scheduled to be torn down and replaced beginning next year.  It's a part of the New Pueblo Freeway Project.  Six other bridges including I-25 over Santa Fe, Northern Avenue, Mesa Avenue and Indiana Avenue will be repaired at the same time.

"They're still carrying the traffic that they're supposed to be carrying but the concrete's deteriorating, steels deteriorated so it's time," DeHeart said.

CDOT estimates replacing the I-25 Bridge over Ilex will cost around $25 million dollars.

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