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Certain areas are lucky when it comes to the Powerball

Certain areas are luckier than others with the Powerball

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - According to the Powerball website, the odds of winning are 1 in 175-million.  People look for any edge to try and beat the odds.

"I dreamt my husband, my ex-husband, his birthday is the 24th so that's why I'm buying 24," said Ruby Bradley.

Anita Burgess says she only buys from 7-11.

"Seven is my number, 11 is my number so I go to all 7-11's," Burgess said.

Numbers on the Colorado Lottery website show that Burgess might be onto something…in Colorado Springs at least. 

The 7-11 located at 3877 Astrozon Boulevard has had 10 large dollar amount winning Powerball tickets sold at that location since 2006.  The 80916 zip code where the store is located also has the most winning tickets sold in Colorado Springs.  In Pueblo, the 81007 zip code has sold the most winners.

Overall though, Colorado isn't very lucky.  Only one jackpot has ever been won in the state.  That was sold in 2007 and it was for $20 million.  The luckiest state is Pennsylvania, with 16 Powerball jackpots.

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