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Cheyenne Creek neighbors on their own for now

Cheyenne Creek residents own their own for now

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Despite promises of clean-up help, flooded neighbors along Cheyenne Creek are still on their own.

Neighbors are helping each other. The owner of a home on Scott Street said, "We're from Colorado. Everyone jumps in and helps themselves."

"We didn't think we'd lose the patio," said Mark Guthrie.

But Mark Guthrie was wrong.

"Water just picked it up like feathers and floated it away," he said.

He's lived at the same home since 1964. In those nearly 50 years, Mark has never had that much yard work. It's work that he can't manage alone.

"We completely lost about a 30 by 30 foot patio and a rock retaining wall that went down approximately four feet to the creek," said Guthrie.

He said Fort Carson and Air Force Academy volunteers were supposed to help him and his neighbors. Although he needs the help, mark said he's sure everyone is busy as can be.

"You're not going to wait around," he said. 

Friends and family pitched in to help mark clear out water and mud from inside his home. Outside, sits file cabinets and the revival of cherished items from the Guthries' basement.

"We were told if you freeze any photo albums that it kills the mold and the mildews and bacteria from the flood," said Guthrie.

Hopefully, the Guthries can save lifelong memories no amount of money can replace.

A FEMA inspector spoke with the Guthries last weekend (9/21/13) regarding assistance. Mark should hear from them sometime next week.

If you need help from FEMA, there's a disaster recovery center at the fire department headquarters off Printers Parkway. It's open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week.

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