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Cheyenne Creek neighbors prepare for more flooding

Homes along Cheyenne Road, Scott Street, Stratton Avenue

Neighbors brace for more Cheyenne Creek flooding

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Cheyenne creek was still roaring Saturday night (9/14/13). A pre-evacuation forced Cheyenne Road to close Saturday and city workers were digging in the creek all day trying to mitigate.

Scoop after scoop neighbors and friends prepared for the worst by filling sandbags and laying them around houses along Cheyenne Creek.

"There's still a lot of damage happening, I mean as we speak," said Scott Street resident Mark Guthrie.

City workers were digging out sand from the creek and lining piles along the sides to guide the creek back to where it belongs. Workers also set up concrete barricades.

 "I think I've slept about an hour in the last three days or whenever this started," said Stratton Avenue homeowner Andi Chermushin.

The creek poured out of its banks, runining yards, basements and part of Guthrie's home's foundation.

"I've had rock walls that have been there since 1919 that are gone," said Chermushin. "All of a sudden, within seven minutes our basement filled to the ceiling."

"Early this morning, the water was directly at the house," said Guthrie.

A house mark has called home since 1964. The creek he's known for so long is usually eight feet below the level that it was on Saturday afternoon.

Expecting more water to come down, Chermushin and her helpers cleared her first floor.

The neighborhood was filled with helping hands.

"Friends and family and my nieces and nephews are here to sandbag my house," she said.

Guthrie is hoping when Mother Nature decides to chill down a little bit, that he'll still have something as a home.

"I'm overwhelmed by the support from the community," said Chermushin.

We'll keep checking on the neighborhood and let you know when Cheyenne Road reopens.

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