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Cheyenne Creek overflows, neighbors watch in awe

Creek still high Friday night

Cheyenne Creek neighbors check out flooding

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - As Colorado begins to absorb the impact of just how bad this historic flooding is, homes along Cheyenne Creek in Colorado Springs are taking a look at their own neighborhood.

"Scary," said neighbor Viki Reinke.

"Unbelievable," said homeowner Julie Jepson.

Cheyenne Creek was still rushing in front of homes Friday night (9/13/13).

"It sounds like a train just going through all night long," Reveille Wright.

Police said homeowners with water rushing between their home and the road chose not to leave during Thursday (9/12/13) night's voluntary evacuation.

"This is only the third time since 1965 that it has actually come over his bridge," said Wright referring to her neighbors.

Down the street near Stratton Avenue, neighbors and soldiers were pitching in, laying down sandbags along a home threatened by the rushing water.

"We're trying to not let our garage float away," said Jepson. Also, they were trying to keep her house dry.

The water rose as high as the stack of sandbags along her house, but that didn't happen until 2 p.m. Friday. That's how long it took to see the full effects of Thursday night's storm.

"It kept rising and then it wasn't raining. So it was weird," said Jepson.    

It was a weird reminder of 1965 for Jepson. 

"I was sitting on this bank because this is my grandparent's house watching Fort Carson soldiers do the same thing," she said.

Jepson said it was never as bad as this week's flooding.

The bright side to such a horrible couple days, Jepson's son, Logan, missed part of school on Friday. Plus, neighbors said they feel like they've been bonding as a community.

"We've met so many neighbors who are just wonderful and everybody has a story," said Reinke.

Once the water recedes, the cleanup begins. We can only imagine it will be a tall task for these neighbors.

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