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Child left on school bus by driver for 7 hours

Springs boy left sleeping on the school bus

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Safety checks at a Colorado Springs school failed a first grader who was left on a bus for seven hours this week.

Kamari Durham, 7, goes to Scholars To Leaders Academy. On Wednesday, his father, Lonnie, said he fell asleep on the bus, which picked him up around 6:15 a.m.

Kamari was locked in the bus and could not get off once he awoke. The boy remained on the bus until around 1:30 pm. That's when he heard schoolmates playing basketball nearby.

"My son kept screaming and hollering and jumped up and down until eventually an older kid saw my son," said Durham.

Kamari's father said his boy was dehydrated after spending all that time on the bus with no water and no food. He also said the bus had no heat while it sat idle. Instead of calling an ambulance, though, school leaders called Durham to pick up his son.

"Lord forbid -- my son could have died on that bus, from freezing to death," said Durham.

Durham said school leaders apologized and told him the driver and other staff could face disciplinary action as early as Tuesday, but he's not satisfied.

"This school needs more attention and they need to be disciplined," said Durham.

Durham said Kamari has gone through two other traumatic incidents in his two years at the school. Both involved a bus driver leaving the boy behind away from the school.

"My son is psychologically damaged to  the point where he doesn't even want to get on the bus," said Durham.

Scholars To Leaders Academy administrators were asked for a comment on the story.

"I have no comment about that at this time," said Alex Malone, director of operations. Malone would not say anything about an open investigation into the matter.

Durham was told the incident is under review and disciplinary action could come Tuesday.

Durham said he contacted about one dozen lawyers since the incident but has not found anyone willing to represent his son.

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