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Child Safety: What Parents Should Know

Child Safety: What Parents Should Know

 The sad story of Jessica Ridgeway is bringing big attention to child safety and what to teach kids to protect them.

On Friday, the body found in Arvada was identified as that of the 10-year-old girl. 

She went missing Oct. 5 while walking to meet friends on her way to school.

"Times have changed.  The old days of kids walking to school by themselves feeling safe has really changed a lot," said Officer Shawn Mahon.

Mahon said walking in groups is always the safer choice.

He also urges parents to make sure their student don't have his or her name written across a backpack or jacket. 

"They figure if that person knows my first name, what happens they might end up going with that person," he said.

If a stranger approaches your child, Mahon said, teach them to back away at least 3 feet.  The same goes for a person who pulls up to a child in a vehicle.  Mahon said it gives them a chance to flee and keeps them from being pulled or grabbed into a vehicle.

According to KinderVision, a child safety organization, two-thirds of abductors aren't strangers, they are family, friends and acquaintances.  So he advises parents clearly express who and who not to trust.

"If you are having a problem with a family member, tell the kids, 'Uncle so-and-so, you may not want to go with him because mommy and daddy aren't getting along with him right now, and if him comes, say "hi" but don't go with him.  We want to make sure you're safe, still,'" said Mahon

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