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Children learn anti-abduction techniques

Anti-abduction techniques

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -      A group of children and their parents learned to fend off potential predators at an anti-abduction seminar and clinic Saturday, put together by the Cavalry Family Martial Arts and Fitness.

     The techniques are meant to show children how to delay an abduction and draw attention rather than fighting with the predator.

     "We want them to leave out of here with a sense of true security not by giving them a false sense of security," instructor Isaac Costly said.
     The kids learned the "Grip, Dip, and Spin," a technique that shows them to hold on tight to the predator to prevent them from walking off and draws attention. They also learned to create distance and run away when a stranger approaches them in a car.

     "I've learned that you shouldn't go with anyone that you don't know," 8-year-old Ella Vaillancourt said. "Especially if they're asking you to help them find something."

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