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Chipita Park man is grateful for Waldo Canyon flood projects

A Chipita Park man is grateful for flood projects

A Chipita Park man is thankful for the flood projects that are saving his business, customers and family.

Steve Mack is co-owner of the Lone Duck Campground in Chipita Park.

His business is sitting ducks for flood water since they are located in front of Waldo Canyon's Burn Scar.

He gets help from multiple flood projects that collect and slow down flood waters that would otherwise destroy everything in its path.

"I wish a lot of people in the city can see why (the flood projects are) helping them in the long run."

Flood groups made a path down Waldo Canyon that diverts water away from Mack's business. 

One group that has helped Mack is the Coalition for the Upper South Platte.

Jeff Ravage works for the group.

He says their projects save people and property.

"the only technique we really have is to sacrifice, wel sacrifice walls to protect houses."

Despite a flood of help, Mack knows the job is far from done.

"We're going to have to get more funding to save everybody in Manitou and Fountain Creek."

But he is grateful the flood groups are saving his life.

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