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Chris Kaufman steps down from Pueblo City Council

Chris Kaufman steps down from Pueblo City Council

PUEBLO, Colo. - Pueblo City Councilman Chris Kaufman has resigned from his post.

Kaufman sent City Council President Sandy Daff his resignation letter Tuesday afternoon.

He wrote, in part, "The reach of pain that this has caused my family, and my staff, and the discredited reputation I face now, will not be worth it."

Kaufman and two other council members, Daff and Ami Nawrocki, are accused of violating the Colorado Sunshine law by discussing public city business over group emails.

On Monday night, Pueblo West business owner and trash hauler Frank Cortese told council he was initiating a recall effort against the trio. Several in the packed city council chambers shouted: "Resign now." Within 24 hours, Kaufman resigned.

"I do think that Chris stood tall today. The measure of a man is by his actions, not his words," Cortese said. "I don't think today is a good day for Pueblo, myself, at all. We don't take pleasure in this. We don't enjoy being here. We don't enjoy having to do this."

Councilman Steve Nawrocki said, "I think Chris Kaufman had to do what he thinks best for him and his family. And I can tell you that the potential of facing a recall, I have a lot of experience in that, and that is a not good thing. It is very hard on your family. There's not a winner in that." Nawrocki's wife, former state Sen. Angela Giron, was recalled from office last year.

Daff said Tuesday's announcement made for a "sad day for Pueblo." When asked if she planned on stepping down, she said she has not made a decision.

Kaufman did not return KRDO NewsChannel 13's request for an interview.

City clerk Gina Dutcher said organizers need to collect about 1,300 signatures to trigger a recall election for Daff and 1,600 signatures for Ami Nawrocki.  If enough signatures are collected, a recall election would be held in early 2015.

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