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Churches in Colorado Springs are showing off their Broncos spirit

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Churches around Colorado Springs are getting into the Super Bowl spirit by cheering for the hometown team.

Sunday service went on as usual at First Presbyterian Church, but with a twist.

People were singing praises about the Broncos.

The church's music minister Jim DeJarnette created the song "Ode To Broncos" which has a beat similar to Beethoven's "Ode To Joy." He also made similar songs when the Broncos went to Super Bowl XXXII and XXXIII.

"What's important is always God. We know everybody is into the Broncos game and we want to be part of the celebration," Church Executive Director Alison Murray said.

People who go to the church said the song boosted their team spirit.

"Celebrating and dancing, it doesn't always happen at a Presbyterian church," said Stanley John, who goes to the First Presbyterian Church.

"Every part of our lives should be a celebration. Certainly, this is a huge celebration for the Broncos; they worked so hard to get there," First Presbyterian Church member Catherine Colbrumm said.

First Presbyterian wasn't the only church getting into the Super Bowl spirit.

Victory Outreach Church was full of people sporting their orange and blue.

"We have an awesome pastor being able to praise God on the same day and be together no matter what team you like. It's even better when it's your team," said Jessica Becerra, who is a member of Victory Outreach Church.

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