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Cinderblock Wall Prevents Destruction

Manitou Springs wall saves lives and businesses

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. - A man's defiance ensures the safety of many people and businesses in Manitou Springs. 

Chuck England witnessed the devastating floods that hit Manitou.

"We were frightened by the video," he said.

He decided to do something about it by jumping into action and building a wall to replace the historical wall that was destroyed by the floods almost two months ago. 

No matter the obstacles or the consequences. 

"We had to get rid of the bridge and build a wall, we did both and we go in trouble for the second probably should have gotten in trouble for the first," the engineer said.

City officials attempted to stonewall England's efforts.

"The wall was put up illegally," City Administrator Jack Benson said.

The city leaders slapped a cease and desist order on the wall.

But since the wall helped people, both sides built a compromise.

"I think we are on a better track," Benson said.

Benson said the wall is going back to construction, and it needs to be strengthen to prevent future floods.

This is good news for Ellis Borders.

"When the first flood came down it knocked down our historic wall," Borders said.

He saw first hand how the illegal wall saved his home, and he says the block wall being built is better late than never.

"I'm sure the folks who were here a hundred years ago who built that wall knew what was coming a hundred years later, they would have made the wall higher," he said.

England said the wall is temporary and will be up until mitigation efforts are complete in Waldo Canyon.

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