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City Administrator: Debris will be a lingering problem for flood projects in Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs flood projects

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. - The wave of storms last week put flood projects in Manitou Springs to the test. The good news is the floodwaters didn't overflow from the channels, but a lingering problem did return.

The images from last year's floods in Manitou Springs are something Manny Vasquez and Dan Parton won't forget.

"Last year businesses on Canon Avenue got flooded, and we were affected," Vasquez said.

"Floodwater went toward our building, it came in like a freight train, it decimated our basement," Parton said.

After last year's floods, the City of Manitou Springs jumped in to protect the city with flood projects. More than $5 million were put into projects at Fountain Creek and Williams Canyon. People said it was money well-spent to feel safer.

"It's doing well. We had two tests last week and the creek was pretty high but so far so good," Vasquez said.

"The flood projects have been treating us well so far. They are keeping the major flooding out of our building," Parton said.

Even though the flood projects did their job, City Administrator Jason Wells said the buildup of debris in the culverts in Manitou Springs will be an ongoing problem.

"That is a concern, and we have to deal with the long-term as sediment comes from the canyon. Maybe we need to go out and need to consider purchasing our own debris removal equipment since this will be a long-term problem," he said.

The city said it will clean out the culverts eventually, but Williams Canyon is top priority.

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