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City Administrator: Storms are a concern for a burned historic building in Victor

Storms are a concern for a burned building in Victor

VICTOR, Colo. - It's a building that has stood up in Victor for more than 100 years, but one storm could tear the old Miner's Union Hall down.

A fire burned the building on Saturday. Investigators say lightning possibly started it.

When dark clouds go over the old union hall, City Administrator Deb Downs said she gets nervous.

"Wind is our biggest concern here weather-wise because the structure if it's not stable a good wind storm could impact it," she said.

Hotel owner Mary Anne Komar feels the same way as Downs.

"You're kind of tense about it, that thunder and lightning we just heard you just say 'Oh, no not any more,'" she said.

Emergency teams, along with utility and gas crews, are constantly monitoring  the historic building.

Crews investigated the building. They say when the roof collapsed, it pushed the building's brick walls out. It damaged the stability of the building.

Crews say a contractor has to come in and fix the damage, but it will be up to the owner to fix the building or demolish it.

The old Miner's Union Hall was supposed to be an antique shop. The owner said she spent about $400,000 to renovate the building.

It was a union hall for miners at the turn of the 20th century and the scene of violence when members of a militia shot at striking miners in 1903-04.

More than 150,000 gallons of the city's drinking water was used to contain the flames.

Raw water had to be pumped through making the water unfiltered and forcing the city into a boil order. That means people either have to use bottled water or boil their water.

The city hopes to have the boil order lifted sometime Tuesday.

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