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City Council chooses new mayor by drawing name from bowl

City Council chooses new mayor by drawing name from bowl

WOODLAND PARK, Colo. - Woodland Park City Council chose its new mayor Tuesday night by drawing a name out of a bowl, after members were deadlocked between two candidates during three rounds of voting.

Neil Levy was selected as mayor after his name was drawn from the bowl.

"I am not a big advocate of the way the voting came down or the pick of the hat but that's the process and we knew that going in," said Levy.

The city council elected a new mayor after former Mayor David Turley resigned in July. Turley is accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old boy.

The city council has previously selected new council members, but never a new mayor.  It relied on the city's charter for insight into how the process worked. The charter did not specify what to do in the event of a tie among council members, so members had to decide how to break the tie. The decision was ultimately made to draw a name from a bowl.

"This is an historic decision and it just had to come down to a bowl," said council member Noel Sawyer.

Five candidates spent almost three hours speaking to council members and answering questions. People who attended the meeting were also given an opportunity to endorse a candidate.

Levy beat two candidates with experience on city council. Gary Brovetto ran for the position and is currently serving on the city council.  However, he did not make it past the first round of votes.  Former council member Phil Mella lost to Levy when his name was not picked from the bowl.

Levy said the allegations against Turley are unfortunate, but it's time for the community to move forward.

"The City of Woodland Park has got a tremendous foundation. There are a lot of great things going on. This is going to be a little blurb on the map as we move forward," said Levy.

Levy was sworn in Tuesday night.

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